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Postcode Agent is the fastest growing online estate agent in the United Kingdom.
We have over 4000 properties listed for sale and over 7000 properties to rent in all 48 counties.

  • Service and fees

    Postcode Agent offers a range of letting services to suit any landlord, from full management, let us do all the hard work, to advertise only perfect for hands on landlords that want to manage their own let's.

  • Advertise only

    We will advertise your property for rent and let you arrange viewings, carry out reference checks and draw up tenancy agreements.

  • Tenant find

    We not only advertise your property, we conduct all the viewings, carry out reference checks and draw up the tenancy agreement.

  • Rent collect

    Need someone to collect rent from your tenants? Our rent collection service is perfect for you.

  • Fully managed

    Our fully managed service is perfect for landlords that don’t have the time to manage their property themselves, we do everything from collecting the rent to property maintenance.

Online management platform for landlords

Use our online management platform to:

  • Review your monthly rental statements
  • Manage contractor invoices
  • Review maintenance requests
  • Arrange and manage reference checks
  • View when tenancy agreements are coming to an end

Why landlords love our service

Hundreds of landlords use Postcode Agent to manage
their property portfolios, here’s what they say

We saved £1,326

Postcode Agent saves us time and money managing our portfolio. They are not only much cheaper than traditional agents their online management platform is a godsend to our business. I don’t know how we ever managed without it. – George Taylor, London

Postcode Agent is the future

Using Postcode Agent was the turning point in my business. Before using Postcode Agent I was spending half my time chasing rents, arranging maintenance and getting references. Now Postcode Agent do it all for me and I can manage the whole thing from their online platform. – Linda Higgs, Manchester

Awesome service

I really can’t recommend Postcode Agent enough, they helped me rent out my bijoux terrace flat by finding a tenant, arranging reference checks, drawing up tenancy agreements and even collecting the rent each month. I really don’t think I could have done it all without their professional guidance. – Wendy Rathbone Wolstenhulme, Oxford

Do you have any questions?

If you would like to know more about our landlord services, chat with one of our letting
experts or email us at the address below. We are always happy to help.

Rent Collect

Let us collect rent from your tenants saving you hundreds
in fees compared to a traditional lettings agent

Our rent collection service is designed for landlords who want to remove the stress and complexity of collecting rent from tenants.

Collecting rents can be time consuming and stressful for landlords, so why not let Postcode Agent do all the hard work for you. We will set up bank transfers, arrange direct debits and the collection of deposits on your behalf, plus we will chase late payments when they occur.

How does rent collection work?

  • We obtain bank details from the tenant
  • We setup a direct debit with the tenants bank for the full rental amount each month
  • We collect the rental amount and transfer the funds to your bank account
  • We update our online platform to show how and when we transferred the money

Do you collect rental arrears?

While missed payments are rare due to our thorough referencing process, they do happen from time to time. If a tenant falls behind with his/her rental payments we will work with him to pay the arrears as quickly as possible.

Any missed payments will be shown in your landlord's management console along with the measures we have taken to rectify the problem.

All landlords should be aware there are strict rules concerning the collection of unpaid rents and the eviction of tenants. You cannot simply evict a tenant if he/she falls behind with their rent.

By using our rent collection service you are ensuring that all communication with rogue tenants is legal and above board, in fact this is the number one reason landlords choose to let Postcode Agent handle rent collections.

So ensure you don’t fall foul of the law and use Postcode Agent to collect rents on your behalf. Our rent collection service will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Ready to let us collect your rent?

If you would like to arrange for Postcode Agent to collect your rent for you,
use one of the two options below to get in touch.

1. Get more advice

If you have yet to rent your property and would like some advice on marketing and the current rental rates in your area, give one of our local property experts a call and arrange for a valuation. Use the button below to arrange a suitable time and date:

2. Collect my rent

If you would like us to arrange rent collection for your property, contact a member of our rent collections team using the details below.

0203 874 0445

Advertise only

Save money renting out your property by using our advertise only service

By using our advertise only option landlords can save hundreds of pounds on management and maintenance fees. Our advertise only option is designed for landlords that operate their own back office facility to handle maintenance requests and collect rents.

How it works

  • Our local property agent will visit your property to take details and photos.
  • We write an advertisement for your property and once you have reviewed it, we publish it on our website and hundreds of other property websites.
  • You obtain viewing requests via our easy to use online platform and arrange the viewings yourself.
  • Once you have found a prospective tenant you arrange with us to obtain reference checks.*
  • When references are complete you can draw up your own rental agreement.
*Please note as part of this agreement you MUST use the Postcode Agent reference check service.

Where do you advertise my property?

Your property will be advertised in the same way as any other property on Postcode Agent. It will be listed on the website along with other high traffic property portals such as, and, this ensures your property will be exposed to over 196 million property searches a month.

Let us advertise your property

Ready to rent your property? Use one of the two options below to proceed

1. Get a FREE valuation

If you would like to know how much your property will rent out for, arrange for one of our local property experts to give you a FREE valuation. Click below to arrange a time and date:

2. Get in touch

If you are ready to move forward, contact a member of our lettings team now using the details below.

0203 874 0445

Thousands of landlords save money with Postcode Agent

I don’t know how I survived before Postcode Agent

Before Postcode Agent came along I was managing my property portfolio with spreadsheets and email. Postcode Agent transformed my business, now everything is controlled in their online platform. All I have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in. – George Styal, Manchester

I save £200 a month using Postcode Agent

By advertising my properties through Postcode Agent I literally save more than £200 a month compared to a traditional agent. They handle all my rent collections and maintenance all for one low fixed monthly fee. I couldn’t be more happy. – Harriet Hoffmann, Cambridge

I will never use a traditional agent to manage my property again

I used to use a traditional agent to advertise my properties, but since Postcode Agent came along I have never turned back. Not only is their service cheaper, it is way more professional. I love being able to use their online platform to manage my lets. – Harry Lonergan, Sutton Coldfield

Fully Managed

The ultimate service for time starved landlords,
let our fully managed service do all the hard work for you

Most landlords don’t want or have the time to deal with tenants on a day to day basis, that’s where our fully managed service comes in. We not only find high quality reliable tenants for your property, we carry out full reference checks, arrange viewings, draw up tenancy agreements, collect rent and manage property maintenance.

How does our fully managed service work?

  • Our local lettings expert will evaluate and arrange a monthly rental amount for your property
  • We then write a suitable advert and advertise your property for sale on The Postcode Agent website and other high traffic property portals such as
  • Once we have found a prospective tenant we arrange viewings of the property
  • If the tenant is suitable we arrange for full reference checks to be carried out
  • If reference checks pass we draw up a tenancy agreement ask for a deposit and set up a direct debit for the rental amount
  • Once the tenant is settled in we provide an ongoing point of contact for the tenant for repairs and maintenance

Our local lettings experts

Our local lettings experts are our secret weapon for finding reliable tenants for your property. With over 100 experts covering the whole country, we have an expert near you able to offer honest, expert and impartial advice.

Get FREE impartial advice on letting your property?

Get a 360° view of your property with our online platform

Our online platform allows you to keep up to date with the management of your property portfolio. Available 24hrs a day, landlords can use the platform to track properties listed for rent and the application of potential tenants.

Landlords can use the platform to:
  • Check the progress of properties listed for rent
  • Review monthly rental statements
  • View the status of tenancy agreements
  • Check the progress of reference checks
  • View maintenance reports
  • Review maintenance invoices

Ready to let Postcode Agent manage your property?

Get in touch with one of our local lettings experts using one of the following options

1. Get a FREE rental valuation

If you want to know how much your property can earn each month in rental payments, get in touch with your local lettings agent now. We will carry out a full and FREE evaluation of your property and recommend a monthly rental amount. Click the button below to arrange a meeting:

2. Get in touch

If you know how much you want to charge for your property let one of our lettings team to discuss the various management options.

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