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Lansdowne Way, Hailsham, East Sussex

  • Photos and measuring up
  • Advert sent to customer
  • Advert goes live
  • Viewing arranged
  • Offer of asking price accepted
DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3

Mr and Mrs Landsborough from Hailsham, East Sussex had been using a traditional estate agent to sell their beautiful 5 bedroom property in Lansdowne Way. But after three months and not a single viewing they decided to take a different approach and contacted Postcode Agent.

We sent out one of our trusted local agents to value the property and prepare a home sale package for potential buyers. To Mrs Landsborough’s surprise we felt the home had been valued correctly but that the marketing of the home wasn't good enough.

We prepared a new home sale package with updated photographs and a rewritten brochure. The new photos and description were uploaded to the Postcode Agent website and within a couple of days we had arranged three viewings.

On the third viewing Mr and Mrs Landsborough received an offer they were happy with and accepted.

In just three days we achieved what a traditional estate agent hadn’t achieved in more than three months. And what's more we did saved Mr and Mrs Landsborough £4563 in estate agent fees.


Hercules Road, Calne, Wiltshire

  • Property valued and advert created
  • Advert goes live!
  • Potential Tenant views property
  • Application received, reference check begins
  • Reference check completed - let agreed
DAY 1, DAY 2

After moving in with his girlfriend Mr Ecclestone from Calne, Wiltshire, had been looking to rent out his flat. Mr Ecclestone had contacted his local estate agent to value his property. However, while he was happy with the rental amount quoted and the yield it created, he wasn’t happy about their expensive fees.

Mr Ecclestone decided to search for a better deal and contacted Postcode Agent to see what we could offer. We sent round one of our local property experts to value the property.

To his surprise we actually recommended a higher rental amount than the traditional estate agent. The traditional agent had underestimated the pressure on rental properties in the area caused by the opening of a new business park nearby.

After agreeing the rental price and creating an advert, we advertised the property on the Postcode Agent website. Within just a few hours we had arranged a viewing with a potential tenant.

The tenant was happy with property and the rental price quoted, we arranged for references to be checked and drew up the rental agreement.

In just two days we advertised Mr Ecclestone’s flat, arranged a viewing, checked references and drew up a rental agreement. Plus we saved Mr Ecclestone £2423 in agent fees and £49 a month on going maintenance fees.

To find out how we can sell or let your home quicker than a traditional estate agent while saving thousands in fees, book a FREE, no obligation valuation with one of our local property experts.

Check some of our Reviews

"I couldn’t believe it was so easy"

After struggling to sell my house using a traditional estate agent, I contacted Postcode Agent to value my home. They were professional and courteous at all times and recommended I clean up my garden and paint the front door. After making these changes the photographs they took looked amazing. Within a few days we had our first viewings and the house sold within six weeks. I can’t believe it was so easy. – Lorraine, Aberdeen.

"I will never use a traditional estate agent again"

I was amazed how easy it was to use Postcode Agent, after valuing my home it was up on on the website within a day and I had my first viewings within a week. It took just 2 weeks to get an offer which I accepted, the whole process from start to finish took less than a month and I saved thousands compared to traditional fees. – George, Manchester.

"If only I had found Postcode Agent sooner"

Postcode Agent went the extra mile to rent my flat, it had already been on the market with another agent for three months when I decided to pull the plug. Then a friend recommended Postcode Agent, I was sceptical at first but I needn’t have been, the local Postcode Agent was friendly and knowledgeable and helped me set a more reasonable rent for my flat. Within two weeks I had a tenant and Postcode Agent carried out all the reference checks for me. I can’t recommend them enough. – Wendy, Stourbridge.

"Honest and reliable"

Using Postcode Agent was a revelation, their local property expert came to value my property the same day and valued it around what I believed it was worth. The very next day my property went live and I had viewings within the first week, within a month my property was sold and it was moving day. The whole process was transparent and easy not to mention cheaper, I can’t recommend Postcode Agent enough. – Rachel, Newcastle.

"The only agent you will ever need"

Like most people, I was tired of traditional estate agents with their sky high fees and lazy approach to selling houses. So dealing with Postcode Agent was like a breath of fresh air. They did all the hard work valuing and writing the description for my home, they even created a floor plan for me. Within a day my property was for sale on their website and I have interested buyers cueing up for viewings. In this day and age there is no need for traditional agents any more. – Paul, Tonbridge.

"Great value"

I rented my flat using Postcode Agent and I couldn’t be more happy with the service they provide. They rented out my flat and carried out all the reference checks within a month of it being listed and all for less than half the price of a traditional agent. I will definitely use them again, awesome service. – Kevin, Halesowen.

"Hands down, the best way to sell your home"

I needed to sell my home fast due to personal reasons, Postcode Agent came to the rescue, within days of it being advertised on their website I had people queuing up to view it, just three days after that I had an acceptable offer and the deal was done. I really can’t imagine using a traditional agent to sell my home again. – Mike, Stockton.

"Easy to use, great value"

I am not one to usually get along with technology, but I needn’t have worried. The website is easy to use and the service was excellent. Tom my local property expert went the extra mile to create a description that really sold my home, and all for less than half the price of a traditional estate agent. – Jill, Wakefield.

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